Family Labiatae/Lamiaceae

Family Name: Labiatae/Lamiaceae
Local Name: Oregano(Sp)
Spanish thyme(Engl)
Aromatic,perenial herb to 1 m tall.Stems are 4-angled.Leaves are fleshy,opposite,ovate,with creviate margins,light green and to 6 cm long;surface is covered with fine,short hairs.Flowers are in panicles,bilabiate,and pale purplish.Fruit consists of 4 smooth,globose nutlets.Native to the old tropics.Introduced to the Philippines during the Spanish period and now widely cultivated in the country.Planted ornamental and culinary purposes.Propagated by stem cuttings and sometimes by seeds.
Family Name: Labiatae/Lamiaceae
Local Name: Coleus(Engl)
Soft,Perennial herb to 90 cm tall,with broad base and sharp tip.Leaf blade is varioulsly colerd,uniform or variegated and the margins are toothed. Flowers are bilabated and mostly purple or lilac. Indigenous in India extending to Malaypeninsula and the philippines a popuklar and widely cultivated plant in the philippines Vaarius cultivars were recently introduced to the country. C blumei victoria has broad ,ovate and maroon leaves with purplish crimson veins.